hat do you think the Belt and Road Initiative has brought

 The Belt and Road Initiative has promoted prosperity, peace and security not only in China but throughout the regions. I invited some scientists and university pr

ofessors in Iran to study the initiative. Their report will increase Iranians’ understanding of it through the media.

Many projects are currently being carried out in Iran under the initiative, including energy, infrastr

ucture and railway projects. Iranian people, the government and the Supreme Leader are willing to strengthen

relations with China and support cooperation between the two countries in various fields. All the projects

that China plans to carry out in Iran will be welcomed by us. One of my priorities is to promote these projects.

The second Belt and Road Forum for international C

ooperation will be held this year. Will Iran send an official delegation to the event?

We will not refuse any invitation from China. Iran attends most of the forums and meetings held in China. The Belt and Ro

ad Forum is an important event which will be attended by high-level Iranian officials.

With China’s rise in the last few years, it has become more involved in Middle East affairs includin

g making mediation efforts. China also played a role in the Iran nuclear deal talks. How do you e

valuate China’s efforts in Middle East affairs? What role do you think China can play in the region?


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